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How to Score 10-15 New Sales Opportunities Every Week Without Cold Calling, Fancy Funnels, or Paid Advertising...

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How I Scored My First 30 Clients For Social Media Marketing Without Sales Experience

So it's 10am on a Foggy Fall day in TX...

I’m in my mom’s guest room and I’ve already dialed like 50 numbers...

Half of em picked up.

The other half slammed the phone.

Well, that's not entirely accurate.

I got through the gatekeeper on about 10 calls, then got shut down... 😭
My next move? I gave up.

Threw in the towel on my dreams.

Decided I was missing the special spark successful agency owners  seemed to be born with…

Naturally, I started posting selfies.

Spending way too long staging my bacon & eggs for the perfect shot...

The new goal was to become a famous fitness influencer model...
I spent my last $5,000 on Facebook ads to promote my personal training.

Views, subscribers, and followers were BOOMING.

But it turns out I missed the "sell your Ebook and make millions" boat...

I only made $750 back…

Thankfully, I was smart enough to give my agency another shot...

This time, I sought out mentorship and eventually I discovered...

There's Two Ways to Score Your First Clients...

Unless you've got mad cash to invest in paid advertising, you’ve only got
two affordable options to consistently score new clients out of thin air...

1. Cold Calling

Cold calls are extremely time intensive and it's low success rates for most. 

People hate being cold called out of the blue. And obviously, the in-person approach is much more difficult now with COVID.

2. Cold Email/Linkedin

Outreach done online gives you much better leverage for your time. 

You can have other people/software do it for you and automate the process. Clearly the superior approach to scoring new clients for your agency.

Unfortunately, There's a Lot of NOISE 😭

Due to the low cost and low barrier of entry to send messages from your PJs...

The competition is FIERCE for using emails, linkedin, and DMs to get clients.

The company owners you're trying to score as paying clients are bombarded with 5, 10, or even 50 attempts to “connect” and sell them something every day...

This means you're going to be swinging swords and battling for attention with more experienced marketers, well established agencies, and sales SHARKS.

To get new clients, you're going to need an edge to cut through that noise...

Are Your Cold Emails Falling On Deaf Ears
(or Blind Eyes) and Landing in the SPAM Box?

Most beginner agency owners slave away writing hundreds or even thousands of emails that get completely ignored or worse; reported as spam and get…


You can kiss your website domain goodbye if you start sending out cold emails without the proper warm-up. Once you're blacklisted, there’s no easy recovery.


If you’ve sent out any volume of cold emails then you've got the dreaded, “can you send over a proposal” question. It’s the worst when they pretend to be interested but it goes NOwhere... 


One of the most common themes I see when beginners send cold emails without the M-Factor is getting told to “F-off”... That’s always a fun way to start the day, eh?

Sometimes It Seems IMPOSSIBLE Just to
Get the Opportunity to Sell Your Services...

Our entrepreneurial dreams, our own survival, and our ability to provide for others depends on us making sales to strangers.

Yet it can seem impossible to even get the opportunity to sell.

Have you ever thought...

"If these guys would just give me a chance, I know I'd make the sale..."?

If so, I'm here to give you the chance to sell.

How I Finally Got the Chance to Sell...

One of my last attempts at the fitness influencer dream was attending Elliot Hulse's seminar.

At the event, I met the guy responsible for Elliot's marketing at the time...

His name is Matt.

You see, Matt is one of those guys making millions behind the scenes...

One of those guys you gotta pay $15,000 just to get a snip of his time.
Naturally, I maxed out my mom's credit card to join his mastermind.

And boy am I glad I did...

Matt became my marketing mentor.
Took me under his wing.

And together we developed a cold email sequence that scored my first 30 clients for my SMMA agency...

Here's What a Deca-Millionaire Copywriter Taught Me About Sending Cold Emails...

Working with Matt allowed me to tap into his world-class copywriting skills. Using these tips it finally allowed me to get my ideal prospects to pay attention to me:

1. Copy/Paste Emails FAIL

EVERY single email you send needs to be fully customized. 

This can seem overwhelming.

The time-saving trick is that you do not have to be the one writing them.

This is where we leverage softwares or cheap assistants to do the grunt work for you...

2. You Gotta Be Casual & Fun

Business owners can smell desperation before you press “send”. 

All cold emails need to communicate that you’re on the same level or slightly higher than whoever you’re trying to reach.

Humor and brevity are a great way to communicate high status and abundance.

3. Fortune is in the Follow Up

Most of your new sales opportunities will be scored on emails 2, 3, 4, 5 and beyond... 

If you follow up properly, you'll score 30%, 50%, or even 100%+ more sales  than you will without tight followup...

If your followup is not on point, you’re leaving buckets of money on a wet table...

🚨Writing the Emails is Only 50% of Your Success. Delivery Can Be a Major Problem...

I’ll never forget when things really started picking up for me.

I was booking about 2-3 calls per day off of about 25 emails per day.

Closing a new deal every other day so I thought,

“Let’s scale this thing to the MOON!”

Naturally, I cranked it up to 100 emails per day.

Slowly but surely, I was now only booking 1 call per day.

Then 1 every other day. 

Suddenly the new sales calls stopped completely.

I was sending out 4X the emails, using the same approach that worked so well for me before, and all of the sudden my email inbox went silent...

My clients were no longer receiving my emails.

One day I saw a client respond to me and the subject line read, 

“RE: SPAM: Subject Line…”

Instantly I realized that my domain was officially blacklisted.

Had to email all my clients from a new email telling them I’m in spam.

Lost all the potential opportunities that were on the line.

And all the SEO work done for my website was scrapped...

I had to start from scratch...

Here's What I Was Missing...

I thought that writing good emails was enough. Truth is, deliverability was just as important, if not more. The three things that finally got my emails delivered were:

1. Proper Email Warm-Up

You can't just send emails to a bunch of strangers with a brand new account.

Your new email domain needs to be warmed up. 

You've got to make it look like you're using the new email for normal activities before you start sending cold emails. I'll show you how.

2. Email Volume

You can send extremely high volumes of emails and avoid the spambox if you do it right.

There are specific limits to how many you should send per day as you increase your volume...

I.e. Week 1: 15/day, Week 2: 20/day, Week 3: 25/day, etc... Follow our formula and you're golden...

3. Email Scaling Techniques

Let's say you're getting great results at 25 emails per day. 

What do you do if you want to scale this thing up?

Pro tip: Never jump from 0 to 100. Take it slow or prepare to go fast from the start. 

More on this later...

The M-Factor Tripled My Cold Email Responses

Roughly 6 months ago...

A guy name Mike joined an entrepreneurial mastermind that I'm a part of.

This group was filled with some serious players all building 7 figure businesses.

Inside the group I was referred to as the go-to guy for cold emailing advice. 

That was until Mike joined...

Mike changed Everything.

At the time, I was flexing about scoring $12,000 retainers through cold emails when Mike pops in literally doubling my results in half the time…

Mike’s cold emailing sequences and systems have adopted into franchises and used in large corporations to score new deals for billion dollar companies.

He’s personally scored multiple six figures of deals with cold emails.

And here’s the kicker…

Mike is only 20 years old.

Basically a savant of cold emails.

While you or I were playing video games and smoking weed, he’s over here gaming the system and racking up stacks of cash with cold emails…

Instead of letting my ego steer the wheel, I listened to Mike's advice.

Learned the ways of the 20 year old Cold Email master and almost instantly...

The M-Factor Helps Me and My Students Book Calls With 3%, 5%, and Sometimes Even 10% of the Business Owners We Send Emails to...

Before learning the M-Factor from Mike, I was a one trick Pony.

I had been using (and teaching) one style of cold emails. It got good results.

Take my student Alen (down below) who used my strategies to score a $2,500 monthly retainer in his first week with my cold email course.

And keep scrolling to see Brian who used my strategies to score a huge deal for General Mills...
My old style of cold emails worked.

But Mike introduced me to a proven system that consistently blew my results out of the FREAKING water...

As soon as I started using Mike's email sequence, my response rates tripled...
My average open rates jumped from 50% to 80%+ consistently.

And I started booking sales calls with 10% instead of 3%-5% of the business owners that I send emails to.

It's not just me...

The M-Factor Works for Entrepreneurs in
Dozens of Industries All Getting MASSIVE Results With Automated Cold Emails

Mike and I have been teaching dozens of students, young and old, in dozens of niches - how to score 2-10 new clients per month. Here's two below:

Here's How it Works

1. Proprietary Warm-Up

Mike showed me a simple 3 step process to warm up any new or existing email address.

This prepares your account to send up to 100 emails per day without being flagged by email servers as spam.

Before Mike, I could only execute 25 per day before getting blacklisted.

2. List and Lead Generation

One of the most important and commonly overlooked part to cold emails is the leads themselves.

There's one secret list preparation step that can literally 10X your results.

When I showed this to my first round of students, they all exploded with new clients. (Even the seasoned entrepreneurs who were already successful with cold email campaigns).

3. Cold Email Copywriting & Automation

Mike's "M-Factor" sequence consists of 5 persuasive emails that score new clients in dozens of niches.

We've broken down the elements for each of the 5 emails into copy/paste templates that you can simply fill in the blanks.

The emails are sent with a proven automation system that's 99% hands off...

Introducing: Cold Email Client Attraction
by Luke Voigt and Michael Gardiner

Shortly after Mike joined our mastermind, I realized that he posed a threat.

We were both teaching students how to do cold emails and getting great results.

Both trying to shake up the industry with the same goal to build the most comprehensive cold email training. 

We were competing for the exact same market...

Like a wise man once said:

“If you can’t beat em, join em.”

So I brought Mike in on the business...

Together, we created the Cold Email Client Attraction Training Program that’s now scored hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for dozens of students in dozens of industries.

What's Inside Our Training Program?

We'll keep it simple and straightforward for you here. When you enroll in
Cold Email Client Attraction, you're going to get three things:

1. Training Modules

This is where you get access to all the video training you need to score new deals with automated cold emails.

There's a fancy course portal that tracks your progress and all that.

A detailed breakdown of the video modules is down below...

2. Weekly Live Coaching

Here's where we proofread and craft our students' cold email campaigns live. 

Literally building out your campaigns with you, every week.

Probably the most valuable part of our offer. Thursday 1:30 EST.

3. Cold Email Templates

These are proven cold email copywriting templates that you can apply to any business. 

We've tested them on all types of businesses, at all levels, and they work to score new sales opportunities everywhere we try them.
These are the video training modules you'll find inside the program:

Cold Email Copywriting ($1,497 Value)

  • How to Write Cold Emails That Always Get Opened, Read, and Responded to...
  • The Anatomy of a High Converting Cold Email (Breaking Down the Structure)
  • ​The M-Factor 5 Email Follow Up Sequence That Boosts Responses by 100-300%
  • ​Step-by-step Approach to Crafting an Email Signature That Converts to Calls
  • ​Exactly What to Say in Response to Both Positive and Negative Emails
  • ​Proven Cold Email Templates and Sequences You Can Swipe for Success

Email Deliverability ($997 Value)

  • How to Warm Up a New Email to Deliver Emails Without Landing in Spam
  • ​Detailed Protocol For Ramping Up Your Sending Volume Without Blacklisting
  • ​Proven Subject Line Templates That Achieve 80% Open Rates Consistently
  • ​Automation Techniques That'll Send Your Emails While You're Sleeping
  • ​Precautionary Measures to Ensure Your Automation Doesn't Blacklist You

List Building & Lead Gen ($997 Value)

  • How to Structure Your Google Sheets to Prepare for List Building
  • ​Exactly Which Information You Should Gather and What You Don't Need
  • ​Step-by-step Guide to Find the Email Address of ANYONE on the Internet
  • ​Easy Scraping Strategies to Leverage Linkedin, Instagram, Local Business Websites and Ecommerce Stores to Find the Owner's Email Address
  • ​Masterclass for Lead Sourcing. Including Creative, Resourceful Ideas That Work

Total Value: $3,491.00

And of Course, Your Bonuses...

1. VA Training and Hiring Processes
($997 Value)

Some people charge you $1,500+ for the job postings, video trainings, and virtual assistant guides we give you for FREE.

This is a step-by-step guide to find, test, and employ your english speaking virtual assistants at $3-$5/hour.

2. Sales Training Videos and Free Sales Scripts ($997 Value)

We've found that cold email sales calls require some different nuances than the typical sale you may be used to.

Even if you're a seasoned salesperson, this bonus sales training is going to help you score more deals with cold emails.

3. Cold Email Checklists and Swipe Files
($497 Value)

We've put together digital checklists you can run through so you have the perfect cold emails before you hit "send".

You'll also get access to our favorite cold email swipe files for inspiration.

Including emails we've sent, their results, and the strategy behind them.

Total of Bonuses Value: $2,491.00


Total of Program Value: $3,491.00

Total of Program + Bonus Value: $5,982.00

Don't Worry, We're NOT Going to Charge $6,000 to Help You Score Your Next Couple Clients...

We could and we have... Our mentorship is absolutely worth that much and more. 

But we want this to be a no-brainer for you to get started...

So here's your special offer:

3 Payments 
of $249.25 for a 
total of $747.75

You Can Slash Off 34% and save $250.75 by investing
$497 Now

Let's rephrase for clarity. You have the choice.

You can either pay $249.25 three times (for a total of $747.75) OR you can invest $497 now and be done with your payments. 

You decide. We'll help you either way...

Here's What Happens When You Click That Big Ol' Button, Complete the Payment, and Join

  • You'll see a thank you page which you can swiftly exit (nothing important here)
  • ​You'll receive a welcome email with your login details to the course
  • ​If you upgrade to our cold email mastermind with weekly coaching, you'll get an email with the secret zoom link and password to our weekly coaching sessions along with access to all of our past recordings...
  • ​You've now got personal support from myself (Luke) and your new cold email Sensei, Michael Gardiner, for as long as you need/want our help...
  • ​You consume our training, show up for coaching, put in the work, and score between 2-10 clients per month until you're sitting on mad cash in the bank

But Luke, How Do I Know It'll Work for Me?

First, let's address who this will NOT work for...

If you are a:

❌real estate agent

❌insurance agent

❌MOST business to consumer type product or services...

On the flip side:

We HAVE helped:

✅ Social Media Marketers

✅ Web Designers

✅ SaaS Companies

✅ SEO Agencies

✅ Lead Gen Companies

✅ Email Marketers

✅ Funnel Builders

✅ Copywriting Experts

✅ Automation Specialists

✅ Affiliate Marketers

✅ Freelancers

✅ Consulting Gurus

✅ Cyber Security Firms

✅ Personal Reputation Managers

✅ And many more types of entrepreneurs score 2-10 clients per month with our
Cold Email Client Attraction Training Program...

A Few Screenshots from Our Students

Why You Might Want to Join TODAY

We're not going to create any fake scarcity by pretending to take away bonuses or valuable modules if you enroll tomorrow instead of today...

But there is a legit reason why you're better off enrolling now rather than later.

Here's that reason:

Mike and I host live cold email trainings together every week for our students.

At the time of writing, about 5-15 people typically show up...
As we grow, we're going to have to limit the access to the group coaching.

We've got to have some way to keep the group small because our one to one attention on your cold emails is what helps our students be so successful.

Pretty soon, we'll start charging a monthly rate for the weekly trainings instead of throwing it in with your one time investment...

Full transparency, we're deciding between tripling our price to keep the volume manageable, vs. charging about $500/month for access...

So why enroll today instead of tomorrow or next week?

If you're reading this right now, then you can still access our weekly group coaching without paying any monthly fees.

We can't promise this forever, but right now the offer still stands.

If I were you, I'd jump on that while you still can...

Have You Tried Cold Emails Before and it Didn't Work Out? Worried You'll Fail Again?

If you enroll and try all of our tips, show up for the weekly training calls, and have proof that you're taking action... and it still doesn't work?

I'm not a dick. I'll give you a refund.
Guarantee is not valid for: 

❌real estate agents
❌insurance agents
❌financial advisors
❌ANY business to consumer products like cat food, Ipads, supplements, etc...
Guarantee is valid for: 
✅ Everyone else

Click on the Button and Complete Your Payment For Instant Access to Our Cold Email Training

In case you skipped down here without reading anything else. Here's the offer:

We're going to provide you with ALL the cold email training you need to write cold emails that always get opened, read, and responded to...

This includes many hours of video training along with weekly group coaching calls.

This training program will help you score between 2 and 10 clients per month.

If All This Program Did Was Help You Score
Just One More Client Every Month
, You'd
Multiply Your Investment 10x Over...

Sure, you can go try out a bunch of emails without our guidelines.

But that's going to take countless hours and missed opportunities that you're probably not in a place that you can risk missing out on...

Not to mention, potentially burning your reputation within your list of ideal prospects and squashing deals by sending the wrong type of emails...

If you want clients NOW. Then why not shortcut your learning curve by following our proven method to score new clients with cold emails?

It pays to use proven cold emailing templates and methods you know will work.

Look, it's your decision. You've got the easy way or the hard way.

Seriously, if all this program did was help you score a few clients a month, you'd make your investment back many times over...

If you read this letter and you think it can help you, we'd love to have you on board.

Enroll In Cold Email Client Attraction Today

Here's what you'll get instant, lifetime access to:

1. Video Training Modules

This is where you get access to all the video training you need to score new deals with automated cold emails. 

2. Weekly Live Cold Email Coaching

Proofreads and live cold email creation. Literally building out your campaigns with you, every week.

3. Proven
Cold Email Templates

We've tested them on all types of businesses, at all levels, and they always work to score new deals out of thin air.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take me to get new clients with your system?

There's only one time limitation. Email warm up.

If you've got a brand new email (which we recommend), you're going to need at least 14 days to warm up your email before you can start sending emails. 

As soon as you start sending the emails, you'll get results fast.

It's not uncommon to score a new sales call on the first day of sending emails.

Depending on your sales skills, you can absolutely score clients your first week.

To be conservative, you should expect to get your first client within 30 days of sending your first cold emails with our system.

2. How do I know if cold emails will work to get me new clients?

First, let's discern whether you are targeting Visible or INvisible prospects...

Visible prospects are people you can search for and find on the internet.

Invisible prospects have to raise their hand to identify themselves as your prospects before you can find them and start communicating with them.

Here's an example:

YOU are an invisible prospect for me. Why?

There's no way to find "business owners who can score new deals using cold emails" in a Google search.

I can make some educated guesses, but it would take a lot of work.

This is why I used Facebook ads and a funnel to attract you into my world...

With paid advertising, I'm showing my ads to thousands of people who might be a good fit, and letting you raise your hand (by opting in) to identify yourself...

Cold emails are an entirely different approach.

With cold emails, we are showing our "ad" only to people who we KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, are going to be an ideal client/customer for us...

Cold emails are a sniper's approach.

Cold emails are for visible prospects ONLY.

Here's an example of a visible prospect:

Construction company owners in TX.

You can scrape Linkedin, search Google, even Yelp to build a list of these prospects.

In other words, it's possible (and quite easy) to identify construction company targets without them having to take action to identify themselves.

If you, your assistant, or softwares can identify your target and find their contact information, your targets are visible prospects.

ALL. I repeat. ALL visible prospects can be converted into clients with cold emails.
Assuming you've got the right strategy 😉.

3. How much does it cost to run cold email campaigns?

Great question.

The answer is... Not much.

But we'll break down the costs you must consider:

First off, we recommend you automate the email warm up. 
This runs you about $50 per month.

Next, you'll need a scraper to find your target's email addresses.

This can cost between 2 cents and 50 cents per lead.

That's a wide range but the more competitive the market, the harder to find the lead, and that will drive up cost.

Most people find their cost per lead to be on the lower end of that range...

Next, we teach a style of cold emails that requires customization of the emails.

You can do this yourself, but we recommend that you hire a "compliment writer" to handle the grunt work for you.

You can expect to pay about 50 cents per email.

To get a realistic idea of what it's going to cost you, I'd need to know the scope of your project. Meaning, how many clients do you want each month?

Next, we'd need to run a test to see how many emails it takes to get one client.

Most of the students that come through our training are scoring about 1 client a week up to 4-6 new clients a month on average...

Our done-for-you cold email clients get many more clients per week but they're shelling out some serious cash. $10,000+ per month.

On average, our students are investing $500-$1,500 per month in their campaigns.

One new client per week is a realistic expectation for $500 per month.

If you're charging anything over $1,000 for your services, the low cost of cold emailing is a no-brainer investment to get more clients.

4. Are you going to show me how to write emails, or just give me templates?

You’re going to receive fill in the blank cold email templates as well as in-depth video trainings that teach you how to write high converting cold emails.

By the end of the cold email training program, you’d have to purposefully self sabotage your cold emails for it not to work... It's pretty hard to mess up.

Cool thing is...

We dive deep on the principles behind writing profitable cold emails...

You’ve heard the saying,

“Give a man a fish vs. teaching a man to fish”, right?

We're giving you the fish (templates) AND teaching you how to fish (training) so you’re not bound to a silly template or tactic...

When you've consumed our training, you’re actually going to know how to enter any industry and use cold emails to generate new clients out of thin air...

It’s truly a super power once you’ve got it down.

Join Cold Email Client Attraction Today and
Learn to Generate 2-10 Clients Per Month

Click the button and complete your investment on the next page for instant access to all the training you'll need to score new deals with cold emails...
Done for You Email Inquiries: 


Starting at $10,000 per month - 6 month minimum
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